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I waited a whole pandemic for these images.

March 17, 2021

I had always wanted to have some really beautiful images of my parents. When I was a kid, I remember gently turning the pages of their wedding album that was displayed in the living room of my grandparent’s house. I loved seeing my parents when they were young. How they looked before me. How my dad smiled at my mom. How they posed as they cut their cake. I can still imagine the feeling of that leather album in my hands. I can imagine the sensation of carefully turning the delicate vellum sheet between each image. It just felt fancy. Luxurious. Special. It felt good. It was important. I know the images well because I enjoyed the album. So. Many. Times.

And, I wanted to be able to have some really beautiful images of my parents now, after fifty years of marriage, that I could look back on and treasure just as much, now that I’ve known them for all of my life. But, I just never made the time to make it happen. I talked about it, but I didn’t do it. And then I couldn’t.

Like many, I never saw this pandemic coming. And with many things we don’t see coming, circumstances change and we sometimes miss our chance. Time is fleeting. Life is fleeting. Soon becomes too late – often without warning. My family took the virus pretty seriously, and so I didn’t see them inside and in-person for nearly a year. So, when their vaccines were finally scheduled, I knew getting them into my studio was a priority. Serendipitously, their vaccines aligned with the timing of a project where I was making headshots and beauty portraits of strong and beautiful women. Perfect. I scheduled my mom at the end and added extra time for my dad.

I love these images. My mom is so pretty. My dad is so handsome. And they are so kind to each other, but also playful. It was a bit of a weird thing taking these photos. Perhaps it was coming off so long without seeing them. Or, perhaps it was that the pandemic has made me think about family and the meaning of relationships in a new way. I just know that nothing in life is guaranteed – especially time. I will treasure this time with them. And the images will endure for generations.

I often get to share images that I create of people who are important to others. But I’m humbled and honored to share images of people that are truly important to me. It reinforces, quite personally, the value of the photography experience.

And, with that, here are my parents.


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