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Classic and modern photographic artistry on-location or in-studio in Palatine, Illinois




We have the formula for your best headshot.  Every time.

Your online presence is often your first introduction.  We can help you reach your target audience.

We take the stress and pressure out of it, so you can feel pampered and special. Our clients constantly tell us how much fun that they had and how easy it was. You deserve this!

Our amazing hair and makeup artists will put you at ease, make you feel and look gorgeous. Next, Julie will guide you through a variety of poses in different outfits on different backgrounds.   You'll walk out  of our studio feeling empowered and ready to crush your goals.


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trust our team of experts to make your best headshots ever.

"The final images are stunning and I cannot wait to use them both in my professional and personal life.  I have done headshots a few times in the past however this was the first time I had professional support from beginning to end, making this truly exceptional!" - Cathy W.

"My headshots are helping me sell my services as a marketing professional and designer.  Not only do they differentiate me online and make me look professional, I honestly feel more confident when I look at them." - Maren G.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I wear?
For the headshot mini marathon, you will choose three outfits.  Two will be professional and one will be your choice. I will provide you with a clothing guide with suggestions and tips for what will flatter and photograph the best.  Custom Headshot sessions include unlimited outfits, and in-person style and concept consultation.

How does hair and makeup work?
Our amazing makeup artist will talk with you to help select a palette that suits your personality and style. Come in with your hair lightly styled, and our stylist will make your hair look amazing.

How many images do I get?
The  headshot mini-session includes two retouched digital images that will be delivered electronically a few days after the session.  You are welcome to purchase additional images for $190 each.  For every two additional images you purchase, you'll receive the third for no charge.  While there is no obligation to purchase additional images, most people find that they want at least five or more.

It looks like you are capturing more than just headshots.  What if I only need a  traditional headshot?

We will definitely capture that traditional headshot that is consistent with your industry.  But why stop there?  When you look and feel as good as you will, why limit the images to just one headshot?  And truth be told, these images are for more than just business.  These are images for your family,  your significant other, for your children (or future children), and for you.  They show your many strengths and different aspects of your personality.  We are creating compelling portraits that you and your loved ones will treasure and their value will increase over time.  So, given the importance, why limit it to just a traditional headshot? 

What happens if I don't get the result I'm looking for?
We will view the images immediately following your session, so we can go back and reshoot if necessary.  If time does not allow, a separate reshoot is available.   Please note that all images that are ordered and delivered are non-refundable due to the custom nature of photography.