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Which Senior Session Season is Right for you?

May 28, 2024

I often get asked the question “When is the best time for senior pictures?” The answer is that it all depends! Senior portraits are very personal and when the best time is depends on a number of factors.

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Spring is an especially busy time with seniors right before graduation. If you want spring photos, please book early as I fill up quickly.


Summer ramps up for rising seniors. It is personally my favorite time for photos for many reasons. The location options are endless and the weather in the evenings is amazing.


The crisp fall and beautiful leaves are stunning. While fall is very popular, the fall of senior year is also a very busy time with college applications so keep that in mind when scheduling. Fall color usually starts the second week of October, so book early if you want this time. I always book up in October.

Senior Photos in the fall with colorful leaves.


Winter is often overlooked for senior photos, but they can be stunning. The drab skies that we groan about make the most gorgeous light. It’s often not too crowded outside, and nothing is more beautiful than a fresh dusting of snow and evergreen trees.

If you’re not sure which season is best for you, take this quiz. And, I’d love to talk to you about all the considerations that matter to you, so you have the BEST experience.

Reach out to me at 847-707-9227.


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